New client deals

Welcome to Pilates Glow!  For private pilates sessions, select "Private intro pass" below which includes your initial consultation & assessment. This insure that your following sessions will be personalised to your needs. This is also your chance to discuss any concerns you might have around your pregnant or postpartum body in relation to your health & fitness journey. There is no initial consultation or assessment required prior to joining a group class, apart from answering a very thorough questionnaire before your first class.
  • Private intro pass

    New client deal
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • 1 x Initial consultation 55min ($75 but valued at $110)
    • 1 x Home routine/easy to follow videos $45 but valued at $80
    • 2 x Pilates private session 55min ($75 but valued at $110)
    • Pilates chair, pilates reformer, pilates arc & small props
    • 35% OFF (valued at $410)
  • Group new client

    New client deal
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • 1 x Group class of your choice (prenatal or mums & bubs)
    • Maximum 6 participants per class
    • Pilates mat & pilates equipments (circle, weights, ball...)
    • At Grant Reserve Coogee (weather permitting)
    • 35% OFF (valued at $35)