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"The only pre & postnatal pilates studio in Sydney"

Combination of pilates, yoga and pregnancy & postpartum corrective exercises



Why Pilates Glow ?

Welcome to Pilates Glow! I'm the proud mother of two beautiful boys and the founder of Pilates Glow.  I've created this pilates studio because there was a real lack of specialised and nurturing trainers out there for us mums of this world!

I wanted to support and nurture women in this crucial part of their life.  Having had suffered from postpartum depression myself, I'm hoping Pilates Glow can help other women to go through this challenging period of their life feeling supported and empowered through movement.


What people say

"Bianca is a fantastic Pilates instructor. I was religious in my weekly pre-natal sessions with her when I was pregnant with my 2nd baby. She has a calming and nurturing approach whilst being hands-on with corrections to ensure you are getting the most out of your workout. For postpartum I have had quite severe abdominal separation and she’s been helpful in guiding me through breathing techniques and targeted exercises to re-build strength. Couldn’t recommend her more highly for pre or postnatal mamas - and I swear by Pilates for being a godsend to aid with birthing and ease recovery."


—  Alice Zikou


Contact me

2 Arcadia Street, Coogee, NSW, 2034

0432 849 977

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